Where the hell have I been?


I know it probably looks like I haven’t been very active based on my websites activity, but that’s not true! I just spent the last two years living and gigging in Austin TX and now my travels have found me here in beautiful Portland Oregon!

Please follow me on facebook and instagram for more updates! Look forward to seeing you at some shows!

If you’ve been keeping up via facebook, you will know that i’ve been keeping pretty busy playing shows and doing a little out of town traveling this year! Also, you will notice that I just had a big change: I NO LONGER LIVE IN RICHMOND VIRGINIA. As of July 20th 2015 I am officially gone! I packed up my ’96 Oldsmobile and headed west, to Roanoke for work for a few more weeks.

This doesn’t mean I won’t play shows in Richmond anymore though, as evidenced by my upcoming September 10th show @ Strange Matter with Daniel Romano (!!!!!!) https://www.facebook.com/events/1484769118484438/

IMG_8085 IMG_8090romanotour

I will be traveling for the next 6 months/hanging in different cities busking, working and playing some random shows. Make sure to go ‘like’ my dumb FB page and keep up with me via instagram or whatever else. Hope to see yall soon!

Still kicking’ over here!

Hey folks, I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated so here goes:

Currently living back in Richmond as of June 2014 and working on getting a full band together, and starting to make plans for the Spring! Writing new songs and trying to finish them all! Still playing gigs regionally while I hunker down for winter months! Will see you at a show soon I hope! Remember you can still buy Cowboy Coffee via bandcamp! https://alisonself.bandcamp.com/album/cowboy-coffee

Upcoming tours…..

photo by Angel Martinez

Well tonight I am heading up to Fredericksburg VA with Mink’s Miracle Medicine to play the Colonial Tavern! Upright bassist Joanna Smith will be joining me as well, and tomorrow in Salem VA. Mike Emmons will meet up with me on Sunday for our Staunton gig! I’ll be out of RVA till we stop through on tour April 6th for our show at Lovebomb!

Hope to see a bunch of new and familiar faces out on the road! Make sure to keep up with our tour dates via facebook, etc.

flyer by meeee


Spring tour with Yankee Roses!

Running from the cold

Hey y’all. Tour with Alex Culbreth in January was tons of fun and although we were out for a week, time pretty much flew by. It was a winter wonderland out there and we narrowly escaped a few blizzards, but we both had a lot of fun. I’m really gonna miss Alex when he moves out west to Austin!

2014 is shaping up pretty damn nice, with 2 mini-tours already booked in March, and 2 longer tours coming together every day for April and May! All of those shows will be posted on the “tour” page as the dates are confirmed, but if you’re curious about where we might end up, check Facebook for a list of potential dates and cities.

Did I just say “we?” Heck yeah I did! Joining me for both mini-tours in March, on upright bass, will be Joanna Smith (of Alex Culbreth and the Dead Country Stars)! Also joining us for the late March mini-tour with Mink’s Miracle Medicine, dobro and lap steel player is Mike Emmons (Of The Green Boys)!  Tour in early April will find me in a van with Pat Reedy and Roland J. Cole as we criss cross the east coast and the south before ending up back in New Orleans. Late April I’m teaming up with Yankee Roses, who will also be playing fiddle with me, and doing another two week tour that will bleed into May.

I got a lot of stuff up my sleeve for this year, including a new album coming out in April before the Yankee Roses tour, maybe some t-shirts finally, and the big goal is to acquire a van and do a full band tour before Halloween. I got my work cut out for me, and I couldn’t do it without your continued support, so thanks and I hope to see you on the road!

Dear Florida!

Anyone in Florida?

Hey if you’re in florida I’ve got a few shows coming up with Yankee Roses

Dec. 13th @ CMC in Gainesville 8pm. Contra dance! George and I will be playing during the break I believe.


Dec. 14th @ The Dog House in Tampa. (this is not technically a show I’m playing but i’ll be sitting in with george on a few songs during his yankee roses set)


Dec. 18th @ Space Mountain in Miami


Dec. 20th at UR House in Miami!


If you can’t view these links, please message me directly for info.

Please help me out and re-blog, and tell your friends who live in florida or might have friends in florida!

Calling all honky tonk, country, old time musicians and friends of:

Hey everyone, Alison Self here. So I have decided to try and put a band together. I’ve been touring and performing as a solo musician (vocals+guitar/uke but these days i just play guitar unless the uke is requested for a special event) since about 2006 and while I have current and past side projects and had a 3 piece band for a short time, none of those projects have gotten to tour or gig that much. I’d like to change that.

I am hoping to have a consistent group/couple of people that I am touring and playing with by the late summer (and making an album, etc. to support that tour). I am most interested in finding an upright bassist at the moment. Also interested in having another guitar player who can play lead, dobro, lap steel, mandolin, drummer with a stripped down kit. If you can sing and/or harmonize that’d be cool but its not a deal breaker. Material will consist of a good amount of original country songs and also a crap ton of classic country, blues, old time, that kind of thing, so you should be well versed in those genres. (I like covering Loretta Lynn, Hank Sr., Louvin Brothers, Memphis Jug Band, all that sort of stuff.)

People interested in playing with me should be able to tour for up to a month at a time, potentially longer. You need to be okay with sleeping on floors and kinda “roughing it” on the road, if you can’t sleep on a floor/couch in a strangers house or spend some nights sleeping in a vehicle, then this might not be ideal. You should be trustworthy, reliable, serious but laid back and able to commit and be honest about what your capacities are. I don’t care if you have other bands you play with, or another job as long as you can make it work and not leave me hanging at the last minute. Communication is key! I’m pretty laid back but also a hard worker, so just don’t be an asshole.

Don’t live in Richmond VA? Not a big deal, if you are excited to play with me and things seem to be lining up, we can talk about how to make it happen.

If you are interested, or know someone who is, please have them EMAIL ME at BeautyofSilence@gmail.com with any questions! I’m an open book. We can talk privately about how $ will be handled, booking, all the non-glamorous parts of playing music for a living! yay!

Folks who email should share their musical experience (videos and mp3s are great), tour experience, booking experience, basically anything that is relevant. Do you have a car? van? license? What are your goals as a musician? Who are your influences? What are your pet peeves? List of fears? Where the hell do you live?


Also, check out my music to make sure you don’t hate it, cause that would be awkward as hell: http://alisonself.bandcamp.com/album/live-recordings-fall-2013

Thanks yall! Like I said, please share this with musicians you know who are awesome fun talented people….



Awesome drawing!

Also want to thank an old friend, Lee Lacy for the cool drawing he did of me recently! We did a film camp together down in Petersburg back in like 2005? Our group made a horror movie, you can imagine how hilariously bad it turned out! it’s on youtube still and you have to do some digging to find it……

drawing by lee lacy

drawing by lee lacy