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One tour down, another one coming up…..

Whew. So I’ve been back from tour for about a week now. Thank you so much to all the venues, bands and people who supported us along the way, we really couldn’t do it without you. Please continue to check out Brownbird Rudy Relic’s tour dates, as he will be on the road for most of the rest of this year…..We also might have a big announcement in a few months regarding 2014…..stay tuned!

A few things:

– I recently got an iphone (welcome to 2013, grandma!) and also an instagram, follow me @Alison_Self for an intimate look(oh la la!) into my daily life including the food I eat, the beer I drink, shows I attend and it will probably be weird at times, just a warning!

photo by David Hutchinson at Heavy Rebel 2013

-I’m planning a fall tour with that guy in that picture up there, Tilford Sellers from Columbus, IN!!! He and his band The Wagon Burners are a great bunch of folks and musicians and I’m really excited to be getting in a van with them at the end of September. I know that might sound sarcastic but it aint. You can keep up with the tour on facebook and as we get shows confirmed they will be added to the show list on this website. We also just added him to the Reltone Records family! So look out for collaborations with other reltone artists!

Thanks everyone, please stay updated by liking me on facebook and watching out for a show near you! xo

5 shows left….

picture by brownbird rudy relic

5 more days of tour left and while we are tuckered out, we are also ready to bust out these last shows and end with a bang! Tonight, July 9th BBRR and I will be at the Southern Rail in Carrboro NC! 8pm! Free, but donations appreciated. The rest of our shows can be found under the ‘tour’ button. We’re going to Beaufort, then Fayetteville then a double header in Roanoke! I’ll be back in Richmond the 14th and getting back to the grind. Outside of my own shows, I got some really talented friends coming through town in the next couple months so if you aren’t following me on Facebook, take the time to like my page so you get all the updates!

Here are a few pictures from the second half of tour, with more to come i’m sure!

Alison Self playing the Blue Plate Special in Knoxville WDVX Picture from Mojo's in Jamestown NY BBRR and I doing our Gail Ruby & The Sheik thing at Heavy Rebel 2013 Evening Muse Evening Muse BBRR at Checkers N Trophies in Kent Ohio