Calling all honky tonk, country, old time musicians and friends of:

Hey everyone, Alison Self here. So I have decided to try and put a band together. I’ve been touring and performing as a solo musician (vocals+guitar/uke but these days i just play guitar unless the uke is requested for a special event) since about 2006 and while I have current and past side projects and had a 3 piece band for a short time, none of those projects have gotten to tour or gig that much. I’d like to change that.

I am hoping to have a consistent group/couple of people that I am touring and playing with by the late summer (and making an album, etc. to support that tour). I am most interested in finding an upright bassist at the moment. Also interested in having another guitar player who can play lead, dobro, lap steel, mandolin, drummer with a stripped down kit. If you can sing and/or harmonize that’d be cool but its not a deal breaker. Material will consist of a good amount of original country songs and also a crap ton of classic country, blues, old time, that kind of thing, so you should be well versed in those genres. (I like covering Loretta Lynn, Hank Sr., Louvin Brothers, Memphis Jug Band, all that sort of stuff.)

People interested in playing with me should be able to tour for up to a month at a time, potentially longer. You need to be okay with sleeping on floors and kinda “roughing it” on the road, if you can’t sleep on a floor/couch in a strangers house or spend some nights sleeping in a vehicle, then this might not be ideal. You should be trustworthy, reliable, serious but laid back and able to commit and be honest about what your capacities are. I don’t care if you have other bands you play with, or another job as long as you can make it work and not leave me hanging at the last minute. Communication is key! I’m pretty laid back but also a hard worker, so just don’t be an asshole.

Don’t live in Richmond VA? Not a big deal, if you are excited to play with me and things seem to be lining up, we can talk about how to make it happen.

If you are interested, or know someone who is, please have them EMAIL ME at with any questions! I’m an open book. We can talk privately about how $ will be handled, booking, all the non-glamorous parts of playing music for a living! yay!

Folks who email should share their musical experience (videos and mp3s are great), tour experience, booking experience, basically anything that is relevant. Do you have a car? van? license? What are your goals as a musician? Who are your influences? What are your pet peeves? List of fears? Where the hell do you live?


Also, check out my music to make sure you don’t hate it, cause that would be awkward as hell:

Thanks yall! Like I said, please share this with musicians you know who are awesome fun talented people….