If you’ve been keeping up via facebook, you will know that i’ve been keeping pretty busy playing shows and doing a little out of town traveling this year! Also, you will notice that I just had a big change: I NO LONGER LIVE IN RICHMOND VIRGINIA. As of July 20th 2015 I am officially gone! I packed up my ’96 Oldsmobile and headed west, to Roanoke for work for a few more weeks.

This doesn’t mean I won’t play shows in Richmond anymore though, as evidenced by my upcoming September 10th show @ Strange Matter with Daniel Romano (!!!!!!) https://www.facebook.com/events/1484769118484438/

IMG_8085 IMG_8090romanotour

I will be traveling for the next 6 months/hanging in different cities busking, working and playing some random shows. Make sure to go ‘like’ my dumb FB page and keep up with me via instagram or whatever else. Hope to see yall soon!